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Community Outreach

The Cantigas Women's Choir advocates through song for those whose hearts need to be uplifted and whose voices need to be heard. The choir has appeared with inmates at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton, New Jersey, and has sung on behalf of cancer survivors in Bayonne, New Jersey. The Cantigas Women's Choir supports the developing artistry of young musicians and frequently invites them to perform at Cantigas concerts.

Edna Mahan Correctional Facility Program

"Although our little visit was brief, and it is not within the scope of a women's choir to heal all the problems of the world, we do have some impact if we are able to impart the right spirit to the women. I think we succeeded in this."

— Frances (alto)

Cantigas has performed for the inmates at Edna Mahan with the intention to uplift, heal, and inspire through the power of song. In previous years Cantigas has performed in the minimum security section of the prison. Our recent programs took place in the maximum security section and were intended to encourage participation by the inmates as much as possible.

Entering the maximum security part of the prison takes a great deal of planning to be in compliance with the security requirements. Our goal once we have entered is to give the audience an enjoyable and inspirational time. We make custom printed programs so that the audience can follow and sing along when invited. Participation by the audience extends and heightens the enjoyment of the experience for everyone.

Cantigas hopes to foster a sense of community that crosses the boundaries of race, age, background, and socio-economic status and with the hope of healing the mind and spirit of others through song. In 2006, the prison audience was treated to virtuoso duets by violinist Ashley Horne and his wife, pianist, Erasmia Voukelatos.

Community Concert Support Group, Bayonne

We have been performing for and with the Community Cancer Support Group since 2005. When we perform, we open their meetings with a small concert to inspire and uplift them as a part of their healing program. We feel honored to be able to benefit this group and we are always touched by their response.